Monday, May 16, 2016

Self Portrait Project ❤

Alright, this is my final project of the school year. This project was drawing a self portrait of myself and then splitting the drawing into quadrants. In each quadrant, I had to use different mediums. I was pretty excited for this project, I originally was going to have a picture of myself in a really cute outfit and a flower crown, but I have been very busy recently with all the activities I was in. At the last minute, I took a picture of myself which I personally love. So after I drew myself and split the picture into quadrants, I had to decide on the mediums I should use.

 I had so many different ideas on what I could use; chalk, acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor paint, ink, oil pastel, pen, charcoal, all the possibilities were endless. Sadly I could only use four. After a lot of thinking I deciding to use these mediums. On the top left I used chalk. The top right is acrylic paint. The bottom left is oil pastel. Finally, the bottom right is ink. 

This project took me about two weeks to finish, and overall I like it. I would have to say the acrylic paint was a big pain in the butt. One day I was trying to make the right skin color, but I just couldn't get it right. In the end though, it turned out alright. My favorite medium that I used is for sure the oil pastel. I just love how beautiful and smooth my hair looks. My second would be ink. This was the first time that I ever painted with ink. Personally I don't think I did a bad job. I'm just surprised on how well the skin color looks, and that was what I was the most afraid of. After that it's a tie between the acrylic ink and the chalk. Don't get me wrong I don't hate them, but I can't really choose which one was better. 

I had a lot of fun with this project. It has helped me experiment with different mediums and use them in new ways.

Water Photo ❤

I wasn't really sure what I was going to do for my water photo. I was originally going to do a water droplet on a fake flower or some regular flowers, but I just didn't have the time to or how exactly I would do it. Then my dad gave me the idea of taking a picture of the crick. I really liked that idea, so dad and I went out and drove to one of our cricks during the evening. I really like this picture because it seems peaceful in a way. The colors look toned down and yet the water looks so pretty. Water has always fascinated me in a way. I have always liked water ever since I was little. Water is definitely another beautiful thing about nature and life itself. 

Mode of Transportation Photo ❤

I thought that posting a picture of the scout would be a really cool photo for a mode of transportation. This little vehicle can be use for multiple things. Of way we use the scout is by placing corn cobs in the scout and driving the scout back to an area where my family is husking and cleaning the corn. It's definitely a lot easier than having to constantly walk.

It's also used for pure entertainment. Two years ago my brother and I drove this little guy around grandpas place when we were recovering from getting our wisdom teeth token out. My brother and I had a blast on the scout! There was also a time around the end of February when my brother and his friends were over at our place and we all rode the scout around my family's place. One of my brother's friends (his name is Jacob) wanted to see if he could outrun the scout, so he gets out of the scouts and runs like crazy. However, the scout beat him and we ended up passing, leaving him in the dust. I thought that was hysterical!

 I would love to ride this again with my brother and his friends, maybe even with my boyfriend too. I just know that it's a mode of transportation that can't be beat. 

Square Photo ❤

I had a very hard time deciding on what photo I should do for my square photo. I couldn't really think of anything until I thought about my grandpa's napkin holder. This holder is very special though. This came actually from Norway. One of my grandpa's friend's parents went to Norway one time and they found this just for grandpa. It really shows how much of a farmer my grandpa and my family can be. 

Paper Relief Sculpture ❤

My teacher wanted me to create a sculpture made out of paper and put it on a flat surface. That is basically what a paper relief sculpture is. I have previously made a project that did involve with paper. That was my origami sculpture. For that one i made a ton of flower pedals, pasted them together to make flowers, and then pasting the flowers on a cardboard bottom. That project was very time consuming. I think that project was the project I spent the most of my time on. I think it took me about a week to make.
This time I decided to do something more simplistic. I asked my teacher if there any specific kind of paper we had to use. Thankfully she didn't have a preference. I have heard of this specific paper called "crepe paper." I'ts basically tissue paper but it's stronger. I decided I wanted to use that type of paper to make a rose. I tried to find it in stores but I couldn't find any in sheets. My solution to that was ebay! Thank goodness that they had crepe paper in sheets.
So after waiting a while to get the paper, I cut out tear drop and heart shapes out of the red paper. With the pedals, i used my hands to stretch out the paper so than it looked more like a pedal. I also curled the tops of them with a pencil. Then I used some tape to shape out the flower. After that I glued the flower onto a piece of paper. Then I took some green crepe paper to cut out leaves and glue them on. I then realized that it would be very boring if the background was white, so I painted the paper green so then it would resemble a rose bush.
I really like how simple this artwork is. It's also pretty cute. I might make more flowers just to decorate in my room c:

(Here is also a full view of the flower)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Art Meets Science ❤

This project is pretty unique because it involves with experimenting. As the title says "Art Meets Science" the project is basically using experimenting and using different techniques to create art. As you have known the past 10 months that I have had this blog, I love to paint. Painting has always been something that has helped me relax and is a special way to express myself. I wanted to do my project involving with paint. I also wanted to do something that would be fun and slightly messy. I then thought of bubbles. Then I thought if its possible to make paint bubbles. 

What I first did was grab a small shallow dish and placed some paint in it. Then I added some soap and a little bit of water. Then I mixed it up using a plastic fork. At first I thought just mixing the solution would get me the big bubbles. However, I only get really small ones. Then I grabbed a plastic straw and blew into the straw to create the bubbles. Then I pressed my paper onto the bubbles and just popped them on the paper. As you can see, they leave this really cool bubble look on the paper. 

After I added a few layers of color to the bubbles, I realized that the bubbles look kind of like flowers, so I painted leaves and stems on them. I did add water to the acrylic paint that I used so I could water it down and make the leaves and stems look subtle. 

Overall this project turned out really cute and it was a lot of fun to do. It gave me the opportunity to act like a kid and play with bubbles! It also helped me get out of my comfort zone a little and experiment with other household items with art supplies.  Plus it created really cute flowers.  I think you can also tell that I have an obsession with flowers. The flower is by far one of my favorite things in the world. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Lightweight Photo ❤

Although dandelions are a weed, I personally think they are pretty.  They look so lightweight and gentle. I prefer dandelions to look puffy and white than when they are yellow. Just like other people I tend to blow on the dandelions and see the puffs fly off. I always love those photos of people doing those. I would love to have a picture of myself doing something like that. I find that to be very artistic in a way. I love how dandelions are very dainty and artistic because of how the flower can change from yellow to white. It's an simple and an amazing sight to see.