Monday, September 28, 2015

Something Golden Photo ❤

Remember that "Something Ordinary to Extraordinary Photo"? This photo was also taken when I was taking pictures for that too. 

My mom loves gardening. Every summer mom and I would get out the planters and place them in front of the front yard. Petunias, marigolds, and zinnias are her favorite flowers to plant. Her favorite out of all of them are marigolds. Mom always plants marigolds every summer.

Marigolds are so bright. The color of gold/yellow is known to symbolize happiness. It makes things more brighter. It's amazing how such small golden flowers can make a pot look like a work of art. I had to take a picture of their wonderful beauty. 

Ordinary to Extraordinary Photo ❤

This picture is about making something ordinary look extraordinary. I had a little trouble trying to take pictures for this one. Originally, I was going to do a cupcake liner. Sadly the pictures were too blurry and I got a picture that is better suited as an abstract photo. No ideas came to my mind and I tried to do the other photo assignments, but I just didn't know what to do. I told my mom about taking a picture of something golden, and she thought about taking a picture of her marigolds. 

I really liked that idea, Once I got the pictures, I decided to crop one of them. What makes this picture look extraordinary is that it looks kind of like a fake (or a cartoony) flower even though it's real! In my opinion, I think this picture is extraordinary. Flowers can make things much brighter.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Minions Meet Art History ❤

Because the minion's have been such a hype, my teacher wanted my class to add a minion into something involving with art history. It's kind of like the minions are taking over that art history. (We could do a different character though too)

Oh course I stuck with a minion. More specifically, I chose Stuart. He is just a cute character and is so goofy. My next decision I had to make was which art history I should do. At first I was thinking of  Georgia O'Keeffe. She is well known for her large flowers. I was thinking at first enlarging the minion like she enlarges my flower, but I wasn't sure about the idea. I ended up spending too much time on trying to decide so I just decided on doing it based off a Roy Lichtenstein's artwork. His artwork is well known to be like a comic. He only uses the primary colors, black, and white. He also likes his characters to do some type of motion, and some type of interjection or word to enhance it. Diagonal stripes and polka dots are used a lot to in his art.

To be honest, I never watched the Minion's Movie. But I have seen plenty of trailers for it. One I remember is when Bob, Stuart, and Kevin meet Scarlet Overkill and she says "Respect, Power!" and then Stuart says "Banana!" It made me laugh a lot, so I had to incorporate that into this. 

What I did first was draw Stuart on a separate piece of paper. I had a different picture of Stuart first, but I found this one which I personally like more. After that I look my picture home and I used my printer to enlarge my drawing. After that I chose my paper and used a tiny light projector to draw my minion on my project paper. After that I painted my project. You might be wondering why the background is space. I did this based off of the first movie "Despicable Me" when Gru decides to steal the moon. 

Overall I really like this project. I just love painting so much. I really hope to watch the Minions movie someday!