Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Photo ❤

Another Halloween post! This time I had to use some type of Halloween makeup and take a creepy photo. I did this photo based off of a porcelain doll. Porcelain dolls have this perfection to them which makes them very creepy in a way. I've own many porcelain dolls, and loved all of them. I even broke one of them, and we all know they look incredibly creepy when they're broken. 

I then had to decide on my model. I couldn't do myself of course because I was in charge of the photo (but there will be a photo of me soon). Anyways, I knew that the model I wanted to use had to like creepy things, like special effects, and would be willing to be a model. Then it hit me! I should ask my best friend Ali! 

Of course she said yes, so we started planning the outfit and other ideas. I ended up having this really pretty doll-like dress that I thought would be perfect. With the help of my friend, Heidi, we were able to make Ali look super creepy. I thought it would be really creepy to have one side of her look pretty and the other side cracked and broken. We used a variety of eye shadows, eyeliner, face paint, and lipstick. To make her look even more spooky, I added a bow on one side of Ali's hair and teased the other side of her hair. 

After that, I placed Ali near the window of the art room, and I took the picture outside. My teacher also had a dark blue blanket type thing to cover some of the background from the inside of the art room. When doing that, it reflected the parking lot. 

I personally love this photo because the wiring from the window adds this weird and creepy vibe. To me, it looks like a doll or a creepy person is waiting for someone outside the window.  The face Ali made for this really gave me the creeps too which I loved. I even showed this to my mom and she was really freaked out about it. I want to thank Ali for being an amazing model and dealing with a lot of makeup and paint, and Heidi for helping me with some of the makeup. 

Be careful if someone is watching you from out the window.....

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween Challenge ❤

It's that scary time of year. When the nights seem more eerie than usual. When kids go out trick or treating and parents try to scare them. Scary things get more enhanced and you have to have a huge stock of candy. It's Halloween!

For this project, my teacher wanted me to make something Halloween themed and with a medium that scares us. But how could we choose from all the spooky characters? Fate was the one that decided. My teacher had this wheel that had characters written on it (such as skeletons, witches, zombies, etc.) and we had to spin it. If we didn't like our first choice, we could spin the wheel again. However, the second character that is spun is the one you have to keep.

At first I had a witch/wizard, but sadly I got peer pressured into doing it again. In the end, I got werewolf. I wasn't a huge fan of getting that. I couldn't come up with any ideas on how to associate a werewolf into something. One obvious thing I couldn't do is a drawing or a canvas painting, because I do that all the time! The only mediums I could think of were clay or plaster. There was no way I was going to do plaster though. I just hate it a lot and I know that it would turn out bad. That's when I decided to do clay.

I was going to do a werewolf face, but something about it just didn't seem right. As I was looking at some pictures on google, I was a paw print. That gave me a perfect idea! I know there is a cliche in movies when the person's friends find out about a werewolf and there are those scenes that have the paw prints on some grass. It gave me the idea of doing that and making it look dark, bloody, and scary as possible.

First I had my clay and I was just forming it. Then I did some carving to make a foot print and added some texture detail. After it was dried, I painted it with dark browns, blacks, and greens. I also added thick globs of white paint and painted those red to emphasize the blood. 

I really like how this turned out. It's definitely different from things that I normally make that's for sure. To be honest though, I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween, but this project put me into the Halloween spirit!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back Lighting Photo ❤

To be honest, trying to come up with an idea for this photo was very difficult for me. I just didn't know what to do. My teacher helped me by saying that she wanted something to hit the sunlight. One of my friends even helped me out trying to find a place for this picture. All I did was sort of sat in front of a tree with my legs wrapped around the trunk, leaned back, and took the photo. 

I really like the color tone of it. I also love how some of the trees and beautiful leaves complement the sun. The sun looks so bright too. It makes me think that it wants to brighten the day in anyway possible.

Face On Canvas ❤

My teacher wanted me to make a mask and place it on a canvas. The mask could be used as part of something, or it can be hidden into a background. I really wanted to something Tangled related, so I decided to make Rapunzel.

First there was making the actual mask. I was given a choice to either use my face or a face mold. I really didn't like the idea of having plaster strips on my face, so I went with the face mold. It wasn't really hard to make. All I did was wet the plaster strips with water and place them on the mold. Smoothing the strips also blended the strips into the mold better. 

For making the face, I used acrylic paint. I also chose my canvas and primed it with white house paint. After I glued the mask on my canvas, I drew in the body and the hair. For the background, I decided to do a pinkish-purplish color. I also added some light yellow yarn to not only give it a little more dimension, but to show off more of Rapunzel's bright golden locks. 

Overall, I thought this project turned out pretty good. I spent a lot of time on this project too like the origami one. After some time though, I do plan on carefully taking off the mask so I can use the canvas for something else, but that won't be until the school year is over. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Progressive Abstract Drawing ❤

This drawing basically made something detail into something indescribable. I did this drawing based off of a piano pencil sharpener. I really like my first detailed piano drawing the best! 

Forced Perspective Photo ❤

This is my forced perspective photo. Taking this shot was kind of difficult to do though. My mom helped me hold the mug while I take the picture. I felt so bad when my mom's arm started to get sore. But it was definitely worth it! I love the fact that the mug looks like steam is coming out of it! In reality, I found a cloud that looked like steam! I also really like the mug. It has a simple design so it doesn't overpower the photo. 

Origami Butterfly ❤

This project is basically making origami and placing it on a shape or object. One of my favorite Youtubers that I watch showed us how to make a origami butterfly. I thought it was so cool so I was thinking on doing that. When I got to making it though, I didn't like how it would look on the project. I liked the concept of flowers on a butterfly, so I thought, how about putting flowers on a butterfly!

One thing for sure, it was very time consuming. I spent about 3 weeks on it. I made 39 origami flowers to fill up my cardboard butterfly. The flowers started off at being 2 inches by 2 inches. One piece of 2 inch by 2 inch paper made 1 petal. One flower consisted of 5 petals. If you do the math, I made 195 petals. At first I colored the cardboard butterfly light green, but when I arranged them, I decided that black would look better. I used hot glue to glue the flowers down. 

Even though I spent a lot of time on it, I love how it turned out. The flowers give the butterfly that extra texture! It also has that gradient or ombre feel to it in my opinion.

Machine Photo ❤

This machine is a bobcat. My dad uses it a lot of work. Whenever he needs to move heavy objects that a human being can't really get a hold of, the bobcat fixes that problem. It's very useful machinery, but it's a pain in the butt to drive. My dad tried to teach me how to drive it, which was pretty cool. The only problem was that I couldn't get a hang of it. More specifically, trying to reverse. I got frustrated so easily and my dad laughed at me when I got enraged! The only thing that matters is that it gets the job done.