Monday, January 25, 2016

Abstract Photo ❤

Okay I have to admit something for this photo. I was originally going to use this picture for my ordinary to extraordinary photo, but my teacher thought this would be better for an abstract photo. It's perfect since you technically don't know what it is. First to start it off, it's a cupcake liner. All I did for this picture was find a cupcake liner took a picture of the side. I will have to say though that the lighting I did on this and how I zoomed in gave it a very cool design. I'm not even sure what it's suppose to look like, you can use your imagination on that one. 

Beverage Photo ❤

For this photo, I had to take a picture of a beverage, and there was no way I was going to take a picture of a water bottle or a cup with water. It's obviously known that you can make desserts look like art, but what about a drink? It is possible of course, so I thought about doing something sweet. What drink could I do that was sweet? Sure there's hot chocolate, but I wanted to do something different. Plus, I was in the mood for something strawberry flavored. Then it came to me: a milkshake!

I asked my mom to get me strawberry ice cream and gladly she did. My dad then helped me make the milkshakes. I put in a whole box of strawberry ice cream, 2 cups of vanilla ice cream, 1/2 cup of milk, 9 tablespoons of strawberry Nesquik, and to make the milkshake more interesting, I added 1/4 bag of white cake mix. Basically I made a strawberry cupcake milkshake.

I wanted to use a really cute cup to put the milkshake in, so my mom took out one of her teacups from her wedding. After I put it in, I topped the milkshake with whipped cream and pink sprinkles. I also found this really cute potholder I made and I thought it would look cute with the cup.

Overall I really like the picture and the milkshake was really delicious! I would love to make this again. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Magazine Color Image ❤

Finally I am back to posting! I actually have quite a few stuff I need to post so a few are coming your way! Hope everyone is having a wonderful year so far!

Anyways, back to art related stuff. This time the assignment is using the color in magazines to create a picture. I had a few ideas in making this. I wanted to do something involving with either balloons or flowers. I decided that I would rather go with the flowers because they are just so beautiful. Besides a lot of people are probably waiting for spring to come even though its still winter (well for me it is). 

While I was looking for ideas, I found a picture of a girl holding onto a flower. The picture has a lot more pattern than this did. However if I did add a ton of designs to this, it would probably take me all semester. 

When I finished drawing the picture, I went searching for the magazines. My teacher has a big bin full of magazines. First I wanted to get the background covered. I wanted to do something classic, so I just went with a classic black. The key for this is to cut out big strips. When I found the pieces I glued them down to paper with a glue stick. After that I wanted to find yellow for the flowers. Then there was the skin. When I got done with the skin, It just turned out so creepy. My friends in art class made fun of me because it was so creepy. The main reason they teased me though was because I got the color from pictures of babies....please don't judge me! 

After that I was going to color the hair. I didn't know what color to do for the hair. I thought of brown. My friend thought of blond. My teacher had the idea of doing really colorful hair. I really liked it so I went for it. Then I did the eyes, lips, and finishing details. 

Overall I like it. It's not my favorite. I do like how there's like the creepy yet unique kind of vibe you can get from looking at it.