Sunday, February 7, 2016

Quilling/Weaving Project ❤

For this project, I was able to decide on either do quilling or weaving. Quilling is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. When I thought of the idea of weaving, I was wondering if sewing or crocheting would count. I asked permission if I could crochet for my project, and my teacher said that was fine. Crocheting is a type of weaving after all. When I got the okay, I decided to make a stuffed crochet bear! I think you can also tell that I really like bears too.

Anyways, basically what I did was crochet the body and head (they were all in one piece), the ears, arms, legs, tail, and muzzle. I also had to stuff the body parts that needed stuffing. After I finished all that, I sewed on the black nose and mouth and sewed the bear together. Then I got some superglue to glue on the bear's eyes. Lastly, I found some ribbon and wrapped it around the bear's neck and made a bow. 

I thought this turned out really cute! It was the very first time I actually made a stuffed animal before. I plan on making more in the future when I'm not busy. 

Circle Photo ❤

For this project, my teacher wanted a photo that had a circle involved in it. One thing that came into my mind was a clock. To tell you the truth, my family made this clock. They like to make clocks out of old trees. The special thing about the clocks is that one is never exactly a like as another clock. I have multiple clocks that my family has made, and they are all different from each other, which gives these clocks more beauty and uniqueness. I honestly find that very fascinating. 

Music Photo ❤

I really love music. To me, music is life. It's always there for me to relax my nerves and make me feel happy. Just listening to music can change my attitude instantly. Not only do I love listening to music, but I love playing it too. I sing, play clarinet (or I used to) and I play piano. 

I have always loved the piano. The sound of the piano is just so graceful and lovely. It my heart race listening to a beautiful piano. I have played the piano since I was five years old. To be honest I don't remember how I got into piano, but I begged my mom constantly to take piano lessons. I remember I first started out playing on a keyboard which eventually led to the piano I have today. 

I've now have been playing the piano for 12 years. To me that's very crazy yet amazing. However, my level at it is probably intermediate. I have entered into many piano contests before. I first started when I was nine. Basically all I had to do was memorize a song and perform it in front of judges. After that I look at my result to see where I ranked. From what I remember that is Superior, Good, and Poor. Out of all the times I went to contest, I got a perfect score on all of them except for one. One time when I was a freshman I had my contest at a different place, which was nice since it's a new experience for me. I was even able to play on a grand piano! 

Sadly though, because I have been so busy with school and activities, I had to stop going to piano lessens this year. I was planning on going back to practice last month, but I got very busy. However, I am planning on going back to lessons as soon as I can, and even go to practice in the summer! I really miss going to piano, and I don't want to loose all my experience. The piano is a big piece of my childhood that will never be erased. 

Triptych ❤

This project was a project that I liked, yet stressed me out like crazy. If your wondering what triptych is, it's basically a work of art that is divided into three sections. 

I cannot tell you how much this project stressed me out. First I had to buy the canvases. Then after that I had to come up with ideas on what to paint. I had multiple ideas for this project. My first idea was the Up House in the sky, but I didn't know how I could stand all the canvases up. Because of that, I scratched the idea. 

Then I wanted to do something Winnie the Pooh related, and I thought of doing parts of the Hundred Acre Wood map. I did work on that a little, but i didn't like how it looked so I started all over again. Finally I thought it would be cute to have Pooh with a bunch of honey pots. 

When I got done drawing, I asked my mom how she thought of it. She thought it would look cute if I drew some shelves. After she gave me that idea, I decided to make the background look like the inside of Pooh's house. Before I really didn't like it because it looked way too dark. My mom even thought it looked creepy. I didn't start liking it until I colored the honey pots. After that I outlined everything in black. 

I thought this project was pretty good, even if I spent about 7 hours working on it. After I was finished with it, I was exhausted and spent the rest of the night relaxing, which was much needed. 

Winter Photo ❤

I'm sure you already know I love winter. Winter can be amazing to some people, and many people will just flat out hate it. One thing is really like about winter is how beautiful winter can be. The drag of it though is clearing roads and the slush that comes when spring is arriving.

My teacher wanted a photo that resembles winter. I have done many photos that involve with trees and the outside. This time I wanted to do something different. My dad came up with an amazing idea to take a picture of him plowing snow. I love the idea, so my dad and I decided to roll with it.

One day when I came home from school, my dad thought it would be a good time to take a picture of him snowplowing after a blizzard hit us. My dad did all the tricky stuff; getting the snow plow and getting it work. I just had to take pictures at the right time. I will have to say though that I took a ton.

After about maybe 20 pictures, I chose this one so then you could see how much snow my dad was plowing. You can also see the snow plow and a barn (yes I live on a farm). I really like how the snow looks sort of graceful and sort of like a tornado. I also like how blue the sky is in the picture. Even though I like spring too, I'm going to miss being in winter once it's gone for the year.