Saturday, March 12, 2016

Texture Painting ❤

Spring is finally coming. The snow is melting and the plants want to grow again. The best part about the spring is that the flowers will start to come up! One of my favorite things in the world is a flower. They are just so beautiful. They bring a huge smile to my face. That's what inspired me to do this texture painting. Basically a texture painting is adding either plaster, clay, or even hot glue to make a canvas not have a smooth texture. 

Like I said before spring was one of my inspirations for making this. Another one was Totoro! If you don't know who Totoro is, he a character in a movie called My Neighbor Totoro created by Studio Ghibli. I can't really tell you what the movie is about because I haven't watched it yet (but I will eventually). He was just way too adorable, so I had to paint him. 

The first thing I did was prime my canvas with a sky blue color. After that I drew out the tree, and Totoro. After that I added some texture. I made the bark of the tree by making designs on it made out of hot glue. Then I painted Totoro and the tree. After that was painting the leaves of the tree. This was a little difficult for me because I had to paint it multiple times. I probably painted the leaves about 6 times into until I got the final product. Anyways I used a sponge to grab some green paint. Then I added some clay paste to some paint and used a palette knife to paint the leaves. Then I sponged on more colors of green until I was happy with the product. Then I added the little details like the flower, the squirrel nest, the butterfly and the fuzzy creatures.

I think this project is another one of my favorites. I loved how the tree turned out. I'm probably the most proud of that. I did get a little stressed out with this project, but I'm glad it turned out well in the end. I seriously can't believe that this is the last project for third quarter. Starting next Monday I will working on new projects and photos once again! 

Mind Blowing Photoshop Project (Extra Credit) ❤

My teacher was offering extra credit if I did another Photoshop project. When it comes to me and extra credit, I always take it. What's wrong with boosting your grade up with some extra hard work? I wanted to do something that would look cool yet simple in a way. I ended up finding a technique on how to make a photo look like a coloring book page. To me it kind of looks like a coloring book page. I think this projects looks nice, but I prefer my actual project better. 

Mind Blowing Photoshop Project ❤

Besides mediums such as drawing and painting, digital media is considered a type of art. You're able to create many masterpieces such as animations and even graphics such as this one. For this assignment, my teacher wanted me to use a past photo and use it to create a mind blowing picture using Photoshop. 

Maybe you can tell by how I post my blogs, but I can be a procrastinator. Sometimes I work on other projects way too much because I'm such a perfectionist. Being a perfectionist can be a struggle when it comes to finishing project and photography and posting them. I didn't even know we had this assignment because I wasn't at school. However I didn't want to just make something that wasn't at its best potential, so I went to work on it at home (my teacher wanted me to do this assignment at home too)

First I research some techniques for Photoshop. One of them I ran into was making a picture look old and vintage. Then an idea came into my brain. I remembered when I was very little, that my great grandma lived right next door to me. Thinking of that reminded me of how old this land is. Somehow I connected that to my railroad track picture. I thought that would be perfect for this project!

I'm not really going to go into great detail on how I did it, but I will say that I had to make a lot of layers and changes. Some of those changes included some blurring, color change, and finding many pictures to make an old photo look realistic. It took me around 2-3 hours to make this project. I really like how it turned out. To be honest, I tend to really like old and vintage things. Something about them looks so classic and unique; almost nostalgic in a way. 

Light Rays Photo ❤

This is a picture from January during the winter time. While in the car, I saw a sun dog! I thought it was so pretty that I had to take a picture of it! I thought it could also work for a light rays photo. If you wonder what a sun dog is, its basically a rainbow in the winter time. The sunlight goes through the ice crystals when it's really cold out. Its no fascinating how winter can be magical and create such wonderful things like the sun dog.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Shadow Photo ❤

To me there is something special about shadows. They're so mysterious because they appear when there is sun or a light. I guess you can say that's the beauty of a shadow. It's possible to take a nice photo that involves with only a shadow. It's tedious work, but its possible.

At first I was going to take a book and put a ring on it so the shadow can create a heart, but that didn't go so well. My dad gave me an idea of using one of my brothers huge nutcrackers, but it was a bit too big to capture in a photo. When I was looking around in the basement, I saw a little street light that was in the basement. Don't ask why we have one in the basement, we just do. When I saw the shadow of it, I realized I could take a picture of that. After taking about 6 photos, I found one that I liked. I really like how there is such detail into it and that it doesn't look like a blob.

I feel like there could be a deep meaning into this photo, but I don't know why. I just thought of this so maybe it could work. Even when times in life are dark like a shadow, there is still a light that will lead you to the right path. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sports Photo ❤

This sport has a very special place in my heart. This is the first sport that I did when I first started cheer leading. That sport is, of course, basketball! I believe this picture is from the last regular game before regions started. To get the picture, I basically just sat on the bleachers with the crowd and took a lot of pictures until I got one that wasn't blurry. I thought this one was the best out of all of them. The boys are pretty good at basketball. This team here is junior varsity. I thought they were pretty good. The varsity boys are also really good too! I also cheer for the girls varsity too, they are pretty good as well. 

 I still remember the first game I cheered at. Last year I cheered for both JV and the Varsity girls team in my first game. I was so excited, but ended up a little sweaty and with hands that were red and cracked. Even through that though, I knew on that day that I loved cheer leading. 

At my school, its very hard to get the crowed excited for the game, but after a lot of hard work, they are cheering along with us. It just takes time for progress to come. Even with all this hard work, I cheered for more basketball games this year than I did last year. This year I cheered for I think fifteen games, one of them being an away game. Last year I cheered for two games. 

I had so much fun cheer leading this year. The memories will forever be in my heart. However, I have one more year I can do for cheer leading. Tryouts, here I come! 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Leading Lines Photo ❤

I think you guys can obviously tell that I love nature. I can't help it. It's just so tranquil and nice. I have always preferred the country over the city because of nature itself. I would rather see myself seeing trees and the beautiful sky out my window instead of city buildings. In fact, this leading lines picture was taken close to my place. Yes I have to cross a railroad tack to get to my house. 

While taking this picture I was driving home from school. I decided that today was the day. However, the roads were really muddy and I have to drive a little ways to take the picture. After taking the picture I went back to my car and I had to drive home with one hand on the wheel and the other one had my very dirty boots in it, haha. 

Ceiling Tile ❤

This project has been something I have been very excited for for many years. I always saw such amazing works of art on the wall all over the school, even when I first started school. I knew for sure that I wanted to make one of those. Last year when I was in Art I, I asked my teacher when I can make a ceiling tile. She told me I can once I was in Art II. After years of waiting, I can finally show the world something I have been to do.

First, was what I wanted my tile to be. I had so many ideas in my head. I thought of doing Big Hero 6. I thought of Adventure time, and many others. In the end, I decided I wanted to do Dumbo. This reason is because I can relate very well to Dumbo. Because Dumbo had such big ear, he was made fun of. Somehow out of all the suffering he went through, everything turned out well for him in the end. If you knew me on a personal level, you would understand why I say that.

Once I got my idea, I went and drew out Dumbo and the Tree branch. After that I painted the sky and the tree. Next was painting Dumbo and Timothy Mouse. Then I drew and painted the crows and I wrote the font. After that (with the help of a friend) I put my ceiling tile up. I placed my tile in an area where I know the high schoolers, especially the underclassmen can see it. I wanted it to be a little reminder to someone who needs it. One reason I really wanted to draw is to make people smile with my passion for drawing and painting.

Overall I really love this ceiling tile. The only problem I have with it is the branch, I feel like it looks to fat. Other then that I really love it. I just hope it can make some underclassmen or anyone smile.