Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Something Shiny Photo ❤

I knew that I had to take a picture of one of my necklaces for my something shiny photo. Something about necklaces is so charming. They are a simple piece of jewelry but can make a statement to a outfit. My favorite piece of jewelry is the necklace. One that I wear everyday is a cross one. However, this shiny necklace has a special place in my heart. This necklace was one my grandpa made for my grandma.

Yes, my grandpa made his own jewelry. He has made brooches, rings, and pendants. I remember having this necklace before my grandma passed away. I still miss her so much. It feels unreal that she's not on the Earth still. It will probably feel that way forever too. Another sad thing that happened is that my grandpa is currently at an assistant living because of his dyslexia. Its crazy how I never get to see them anymore. The only things I have left is their house and the jewelry they left behind.

 I'm not sure what type of rock or jewel my grandpa used in this necklace, but to me its very gorgeous. It reminds of the beauty of light and darkness. To me this necklace resembles my grandparents, how they were such sweet people, and the sad things that happened made people sad, almost like going into the darkness. However, it still sparkles and shines, knowing that they are still in the hearts of many people.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Warm Fuzzies/ Cuteness Photo ❤

Yep, I have another picture of my cat on here. I can't help it, she's so cute! Plus when she's on my lap (which she is in this picture) she's super warm. She was being really adorable today. My dad went inside the house and Honey ran into the laundry room. My dad closed the door and told me she was in the laundry room waiting for me. However, I was busy handling ice cream since I wanted some. When I was getting the ice cream, she was crying like crazy the whole time. When I came into the living room she still cried because she wanted attention. I swear she is just so silly and cute. 

Negative Space Photo ❤

I recently went to prom a few days ago. On the 8th of April, I spent all day decorating the high school gym and hall. It took my classmates and my art teacher about 10 hours to finish decorating. I will have to say it was a lot of fun to decorate. The theme for prom this year was rustic chic. Basically country. 

One of the jobs I had to do was get water and give the pitcher of water to some one my classmates. They needed the water so the flowers wouldn't die in the mason jars. In the high school gym, the centerpiece was the gazebos. In the middle of one of them, one of them was a spool that had flowers all over it and some mason jars with flowers in the middle. The scattered flowers looked so beautiful that I had to take a picture. Then it occurred to me; I could take a negative space picture. So, at the right angle, I was able to take this picture. Personally, I think this picture looks really nice. Plus I love flowers. Flowers are my addiction. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Philia ❤

First fourth quarter project. Oh boy, I never knew the school year would go by so fast. It's crazy knowing in almost a month that I will be on Summer Vacation. Anyways, my teacher decided to make a competition for this art project and faced my class (Art 2) against the Art 3 class. It's kind of like something verses something. For this competition, it was Philia vs. Phobia. If you don't know what those mean, I'll give you a quick explanation. Phobia is the fear of something while philia is the love of something. Art 2 did the philia while Art 3 did the phobia. 

How exactly did we pick our philia topic? In my teachers classroom she has a ton of cabinets and she wrote words of different philias on the front and the definition of the back and she taped individual posters to her cabinets word side on front. Then my teacher picked who goes first by birthdays. There were so many varieties of words. The word I chose was entomophilia, which is the love of insects. To be honest when I saw that word I knew what is was since entomology is the study of insects. 

With my word picked out and 2 weeks to work on it, I had to decide what I was going to do. At first I was thinking of doing a painting of a butterfly on a flower. However, one of my friends helped with an idea of doing a drawing that most of it was in black and white and then the butterfly be in color so it could have the most attention. I loved that idea but I also love painting too, so it was hard for me to decide. Of course I went with the drawing idea.

What I did first was draw the hands and the butterfly. After that I shaded the hands and the background with black charcoal and colored the butterfly in chalk. I was very nervous for how it would look because I thought the hands looked sort of bad. In the end I thought it turned out alright. I also drew hands at a bigger scale which was something I wasn't used to. Sometimes it can be fun to get out of your comfort zone. It was also really fun to be up against the Art 3 class. I wonder who will win.