Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cropped Animal ❤

I will say this about this project: this gave me a new respect for the medium that I used. My teacher wanted me to make a drawing of a cropped animal on a sheet of paper and either use chalk or watercolor as the medium. This project made me a little nervous because of what animal to use and what medium to use. After a while of thinking, I decided to draw a cat. Finally, what medium did I use? I used watercolor.

I will admit this, I used to hate watercolor. To me it just looked super messy and unappealing whenever I did artwork with it. There was only one project that I liked that involved with watercolor and that was painting a boat on a lake. Other times I thought my artwork looked awkward. However, since I already used chalk in my philia project, I decided to give watercolor another shot.

First I drew out my cat. After that I focused using the watercolors to create a really cool looking eye. After that I started coloring the fur by using short light strokes. To smooth it out, I added more layering by adding darker colors and longer strokes. Then I mixed red and orange for the table and I made the background blue. 

Like I said before, I have a new respect for watercolor now. This project showed me how watercolor can create such significant detail and texture to a drawing. It's very unique and special. I hope to someday work with watercolor again and see what else I can do. 

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