Monday, May 16, 2016

Mode of Transportation Photo ❤

I thought that posting a picture of the scout would be a really cool photo for a mode of transportation. This little vehicle can be use for multiple things. Of way we use the scout is by placing corn cobs in the scout and driving the scout back to an area where my family is husking and cleaning the corn. It's definitely a lot easier than having to constantly walk.

It's also used for pure entertainment. Two years ago my brother and I drove this little guy around grandpas place when we were recovering from getting our wisdom teeth token out. My brother and I had a blast on the scout! There was also a time around the end of February when my brother and his friends were over at our place and we all rode the scout around my family's place. One of my brother's friends (his name is Jacob) wanted to see if he could outrun the scout, so he gets out of the scouts and runs like crazy. However, the scout beat him and we ended up passing, leaving him in the dust. I thought that was hysterical!

 I would love to ride this again with my brother and his friends, maybe even with my boyfriend too. I just know that it's a mode of transportation that can't be beat. 

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