Monday, May 16, 2016

Paper Relief Sculpture ❤

My teacher wanted me to create a sculpture made out of paper and put it on a flat surface. That is basically what a paper relief sculpture is. I have previously made a project that did involve with paper. That was my origami sculpture. For that one i made a ton of flower pedals, pasted them together to make flowers, and then pasting the flowers on a cardboard bottom. That project was very time consuming. I think that project was the project I spent the most of my time on. I think it took me about a week to make.
This time I decided to do something more simplistic. I asked my teacher if there any specific kind of paper we had to use. Thankfully she didn't have a preference. I have heard of this specific paper called "crepe paper." I'ts basically tissue paper but it's stronger. I decided I wanted to use that type of paper to make a rose. I tried to find it in stores but I couldn't find any in sheets. My solution to that was ebay! Thank goodness that they had crepe paper in sheets.
So after waiting a while to get the paper, I cut out tear drop and heart shapes out of the red paper. With the pedals, i used my hands to stretch out the paper so than it looked more like a pedal. I also curled the tops of them with a pencil. Then I used some tape to shape out the flower. After that I glued the flower onto a piece of paper. Then I took some green crepe paper to cut out leaves and glue them on. I then realized that it would be very boring if the background was white, so I painted the paper green so then it would resemble a rose bush.
I really like how simple this artwork is. It's also pretty cute. I might make more flowers just to decorate in my room c:

(Here is also a full view of the flower)

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