Monday, May 16, 2016

Self Portrait Project ❤

Alright, this is my final project of the school year. This project was drawing a self portrait of myself and then splitting the drawing into quadrants. In each quadrant, I had to use different mediums. I was pretty excited for this project, I originally was going to have a picture of myself in a really cute outfit and a flower crown, but I have been very busy recently with all the activities I was in. At the last minute, I took a picture of myself which I personally love. So after I drew myself and split the picture into quadrants, I had to decide on the mediums I should use.

 I had so many different ideas on what I could use; chalk, acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor paint, ink, oil pastel, pen, charcoal, all the possibilities were endless. Sadly I could only use four. After a lot of thinking I deciding to use these mediums. On the top left I used chalk. The top right is acrylic paint. The bottom left is oil pastel. Finally, the bottom right is ink. 

This project took me about two weeks to finish, and overall I like it. I would have to say the acrylic paint was a big pain in the butt. One day I was trying to make the right skin color, but I just couldn't get it right. In the end though, it turned out alright. My favorite medium that I used is for sure the oil pastel. I just love how beautiful and smooth my hair looks. My second would be ink. This was the first time that I ever painted with ink. Personally I don't think I did a bad job. I'm just surprised on how well the skin color looks, and that was what I was the most afraid of. After that it's a tie between the acrylic ink and the chalk. Don't get me wrong I don't hate them, but I can't really choose which one was better. 

I had a lot of fun with this project. It has helped me experiment with different mediums and use them in new ways.

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